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With the warmer weather in full swing, you’re likely seeing weeds cropping up in your lawn. Unwelcome weeds love to creep in and help themselves to the water and nutrients you’re trying to give your lawn. Once they’ve staked their claim on your yard, it can be very difficult to take back the territory. There

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Late season fertilization provides added nutrients that help your lawn emerge from winter dormancy as a more stress-tolerant plant, and encourages earlier spring green-up. Cool season grasses common to Utah, such as bluegrass, benefit tremendously from a winterizer application. Lawn winterization also promotes a healthy root system, which in turn facilitates the lawn’s ability to

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Preventive Billbug Grub Control

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Billbug grubs are definitely bad news for your lawn — but the good news is that a Preventive Grub Control treatment can greatly minimize lawn damage caused by Billbugs. If you’ve had grub problems in the past, chances are your lawn will be invaded again this summer. Green Pointe Lawn Care’s Preventive Grub Control can

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Crabgrass is one of the most common weed problems found in Utah lawns. If this unsightly annual weed has been the bane of your lawn’s existence in the past, early spring is the time to take action. A pre-emergent treatment sets the stage for successful weed control all season long. At Green Pointe Lawn Care,


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Bentgrass is a low-growing perennial used for specialized turf such as golf and tennis greens. Because of its high maintenance requirements, it is seldom used as a home lawn turf. It can become a troublesome, unsightly grass type if it establishes itself in a Kentucky bluegrass lawn. The Plant: There are several varieties of bentgrass.