Spider Control

by / Thursday, 27 June 2013 / Published in Insect Problems

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If even the thought of spiders inside and around your home gives you the creeps, give Green Pointe Lawn Care a call! We can apply various types of pest control to prevent spiders and other creepy crawlies from invading your home. Learn more about spiders in Utah below, or give us a call at (801) 261-1171 for a free quote!

Finding spiders inside your home, or around outdoor play and recreation areas, is generally good reason to implement spider control treatments. It is important to act quickly before spiders and insects make your home their home. Our technicians are trained, licensed and certified by the state of Utah to apply spider control barriers around the perimeter of your home. Spider control barrier treatments provide up to 30 days of effective control.

There are several types of spiders that may bite; however, the Black Widow, Brown Recluse and the Hobo Spider typically cause the most serious injuries. A single bite can be very painful, and occasionally be lethal, especially to children.

Routine spider barrier treatments are an excellent way to provide preventative control measures and help keep spiders and other insect populations in check. Spiders are typically found in crevices, cracks, around doorways, garages, basements, entryways and outdoor vegetation. Caulking or filling cracks and crevices, and keeping window and door screens in good shape is extremely helpful in keeping spiders from coming into your home. Good housekeeping is also important in minimizing spider problems. Keeping the area surrounding your home clean and free from debris, removing items away from the foundation of the house, and eliminating storage boxes and clutter inside and outside the home and garage is very beneficial in helping with spider control. Controlling other insect populations can also help to cut down the overall population of spiders, as insects are a spider’s favorite meal. 

Curative insect control can begin any time of year — as soon as spiders or other annoying insects are detected or become a problem. Spider control treatment programs are beneficial in helping reduce spider populations and keeping them from entering your home to lay their eggs. Early treatment helps prevent larger insect populations from becoming established, as larger infestations make it more difficult to gain control. It is best and most effective to control spiders preventively or upon early detection. The amount and frequency of spider control treatments will depend on your current situation and level of infestation. Our spider control barriers are very effective in controlling spiders and other pests around your home.

Help reduce future insect generations by using Green Pointe Lawn Care’s spider control barrier services and treatment programs to provide a protective shield around the foundation of your home. Call us at (801) 261-1171 to schedule a spider barrier control service.

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