Spider Control Barrier

Spider Control BarrierOur Spider Control Barrier Service helps stop spiders and many other insects from making your home their home by providing a protective shield around the foundation of your home. Spiders and other insects typically seek cracks, crevices, window wells and other sheltered areas to build nests and lay eggs for future generations. Spider Control Barrier treatments can begin at anytime during the year when spiders and other insects are active and become a nuisance. Late spring through fall is an exceptionally good time to control spiders outside, before they move inside your home to lay their eggs. We offer single spider control treatments that carry a thirty (30) day guarantee or our annual four (4) treatment spider control treatment program. With our annual treatment program, we will apply four (4) spider control treatments throughout the year to control spiders and other pests. Our annual four (4) treatment program provides a season long guarantee. In the event spiders become a problem in-between treatments, we will re-treat at no charge. Just give us a call.


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