Preventive Grub Control

Preventive Grub Control (Optional)We provide this service for customers that want to prevent or greatly minimize serious damage caused by Billbug grubs. This optional service will be applied at the same time as the late spring treatment, before Billbug grubs hatch. Preventive treatments help control Billbug grubs before they start to feed on the roots of the lawn. As the grubs feed, they destroy the lawns root system which generally results in unsightly brown and dead spots in your lawn. Lawns that have had grubs in the past will almost always get them again, and lawns that have never had grubs may be invaded. These grubs are the larvae (worm stage) of the Billbug beetle. The adult beetles lay their eggs in your lawn, which eventually hatch into the larvae that feed on the lawn’s root system. These affected areas can take all season to fill in and some areas may not recover at all. We highly recommend this service for customers that have experienced or want to prevent Billbug grub damage to their lawn. Preventive Billbug grub control is applied with our late spring treatment, and typically provides control throughout the active Billbug season. The Billbug season usually begins the early part of July and ends the latter part of August.Request A FREE Quote Today


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