Preventive Billbug Grub Control

by / Thursday, 17 April 2014 / Published in Insect Problems, Lawn & Weed Problems, Lawn Care Tips

Billbug grubs are definitely bad news for your lawn — but the good news is that a Preventive Grub Control treatment can greatly minimize lawn damage caused by Billbugs. If you’ve had grub problems in the past, chances are your lawn will be invaded again this summer. Green Pointe Lawn Care’s Preventive Grub Control can reduce Billbug damage, and help keep your lawn healthy and looking it’s best.

Billbug grubs feed on the roots of your lawn and are a significant problem in the Salt Lake City area. The two most common species found in Utah are the Denver and bluegrass Billbugs. Both types of adult Billbug beetles spend the winter in or near the lawns they infested the previous year. Unfortunately, Billbug grubs usually can’t be detected until noticeable damage has been done, but springtime activity of adult Billbug beetles is a good indicator that grub damage is likely to occur later in the season.

Grubs are the larvae stage of the Billbug beetle. The adult beetles lay their eggs in your lawn. When the larvae hatch, they feed on the roots of your lawn, quickly causing extensive damage and resulting in dead, brown patches of grass. Young Billbug larvae munch on the stems of grass, then move down to the root crown and into the thatch layer as they mature.

When Billbug grubs kill your lawn, it can take months to repair the damage. While an insect treatment can help stop further damage once you’ve been invaded, affected areas of the lawn may take all season to recover. Billbug grub infestations may also attract skunks, raccoons or other small predators that dig in search of the insects, causing further damage to lawns. When infestation does occur, early detection is important for the prevention of widespread damage.

Billbug grubs are active from June through August. Green Pointe Lawn Care’s Preventive Grub Control treatment is highly effective when applied in late spring before Billbug grubs hatch. Billbug grub damage is often misdiagnosed as a drought issue, but our experienced, licensed lawn technicians are trained to identify, diagnose and treat Billbug grub infestation. Keeping lawns properly irrigated and fertilized will help the lawn recover from grub damage..

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