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BentgrassBentgrass is a low-growing perennial used for specialized turf such as golf and tennis greens. Because of its high maintenance requirements, it is seldom used as a home lawn turf. It can become a troublesome, unsightly grass type if it establishes itself in a Kentucky bluegrass lawn.

The Plant:
There are several varieties of bentgrass. The most common — creeping bent grass — spreads by long, slender, vigorous stolons and forms dense mats or thatch layers along the surface of the ground. The narrow, flat grass blades taper out to sharp points, with stems ranging from 2 to 36 inches long. Bentgrass can be extremely aggressive and easily crowds out more desirable plants. Seeds can remain viable in soil for about a year.

Getting Rid of Bentgrass:
1. Proper fertilization in the lawn can help to keep desirable grasses thick and healthy. Bentgrass will have more trouble establishing itself in a well maintained lawn.

2. Bentgrass can be controlled with a nonselective herbicide such as Roundup. Two to three weeks after the spot treatment, the area can be raked and then reseeded or re-sodded with desirable grass.

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