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OxalisOxalis (also known as yellow wood sorrel) is an upright perennial broadleaf weed which acts as a troublesome invader of lawns in our area. Because of its ability to reseed, oxalis can also be considered an annual plant.

Oxalis stems are sparsely covered with fine hairs and branch out from the base of the plant. The leaves are pale green and are divided into three leaflets, giving the plant a clover like appearance. Since oxalis contains an abundance of oxalic acid, leaves are sour and bitter to the taste. The bright yellow flowers are small and are made up of five petals. When the flowers mature, a cylindrical, five- sided, pointed seed pod forms, similar to a cucumber in shape. When dry and disturbed by breezes or people, these pods can disburse for a distance of several feet.

A slow invader, oxalis may take years to establish itself in the home lawn. It generally first appears in flower beds or along the edges of sidewalks and driveways. Very well-maintained lawns rarely have a problem with oxalis.

If oxalis does become a problem in the lawn area, it is usually very difficult to control quickly. Repeated herbicide applications are commonly required throughout the season to help control the plant. Oxalis, which appears in flower beds or next to driveways should be hand-pulled to lessen the chance of spreading seeds throughout the lawn area.

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