Moisture Manager Moisture Manager has proven to be beneficial in conserving & reducing water and helping our lawns survive on 1/3 less water than normally would be applied. The reduction in water comes by reducing the watering days and not the time. Deep watering is beneficial and cutting back the length of time does not

Springtime Checklist

Wednesday, 08, April , 2015 by
Green Point Lawn Care

Your summertime lawn’s health is not an accident. Green Pointe Lawn Care has done the work for you and has come up with a springtime checklist to get things off on the right foot. -Call Green Pointe for your spring lawn fertilization and broadleaf weed control and Pre-Emergent crabgrass control treatment. Don’t give crabgrass and

Necrotic Ring Spot Special Watering

Tuesday, 23, September , 2014 by
Green Point Lawn Care

SPECIAL WATERING AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS TO HELP IN THE CONTROL OF NECROTIC RING SPOT (NRS) If your lawn has Necrotic Ring Spot problems, changing the way you water your lawn has been helpful in aiding to control the disease. Watering daily for shorter periods is necessary to help control Necrotic Ring Spot (N.R.S.) Ring to

Green Point Lawn Care

Good cultural watering and mowing practices are critical to keeping your lawn healthy and stress-free. A healthy lawn not only looks nice, it also acts as a natural air purifier by removing carbon dioxide from the air. A healthy lawn can even provide a cooling barrier around the house — check out the remarkable difference

Core Aeration

Wednesday, 03, April , 2013 by
Green Point Lawn Care

Get your lawn ready for spring by aerating to allow more air, water and nutrients to reach deep down into the roots. Read on for more information about the benefits of core aeration, or call us at (801) 261-1171 for a free quote! Core aeration is the removal of quarter-sized plugs of soil that reach