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lawnsprinklerIn a normal year it is not necessary to start watering your lawn yet. There is usually plenty of rainfall and with plants just coming out of their winter dormancy, natural moisture is enough to keep plants hydrated and healthy.

This year is different. We are off to a warm, dry start, and with the warmer weather comes the need to start watering your lawn and other landscape plants. You will need to begin watering somewhat sooner rather than later to maintain the health and vigor of your lawn and other plants in your landscape.

Test and make sure your sprinklers are working correctly and that they are all aimed correctly and not clogged or broken. Check to make sure the sprinklers aren’t missing any spots on your lawn. Missed spots make for thirsty, yellowed patches on your otherwise healthy lawn. In addition to making sure every spot is watered, check to see if any places on your lawn are being over watered. They may be muddy and saturated–a sure sign of over-watering. Over watering creates plant health problems and damage as serious as plants being under watered and drought stressed.

Starting off the season early is no reason to not start things off right. Call our office, we are a local Utah company and are familiar with local conditions and will help you with any questions you may have.

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