Regular Lawn Maintenance

by / Sunday, 19 July 2015 / Published in Lawn Care, Lawn Care Tips

lawnmowerThe key to great lawn care is regularity. Everyone appreciates regularity and your lawn is no different. Getting into a routine of regular lawn feedings and weed control treatments will pay off when you look at your healthy, green lawn.

To begin with, mow and water your lawn regularly. Change the mowing pattern and direction with each mowing. This will improve the “grain” of the lawn and help avoid wheel ruts. Make sure you aren’t cutting the grass too short, as this can result in short roots which reduce the vigor of the plant. Mowing at 2.5- 3.0 inches improves root development, deeper roots will require less water to keep lawn green. Mowing higher also reduces the weed pressure as the lawn is thicker and healthier. Also, make sure that your sprinklers aren’t set to over- or under-water your lawn. Turn your sprinklers on during the day occasionally and perform a performance audit to ensure the heads are not plugged, pointing the wrong way or other leaks or problems are present. Sprinklers are usually set to run during the night and can have problems as you are not present to observe their performance.

Provide your lawn with regular feeding and weed control treatments throughout the year on a regular schedule. The professionals at Green Pointe Lawn Care are trained and able to evaluate and treat your lawn with the correct balance of nutrients and fertilizers to give your lawn a leg up for the changing seasons.

Aerate your lawn regularly. Aeration is a vital step in the care and health of your lawn. It helps to loosen the soil and reduce compaction, giving the roots room to develop, allow better water and nutrient penetration necessary for growth.

If you’ve had grub problems in the past, you are likely to have a grub problem again. Once a lawn has had a grub problem, it usually becomes more vulnerable to future infestations. Watch for signs of grub damage and if you have had grubs in the past, schedule Preventive Grub control as part of your regular treatment program. Preventive Grub control is applied in the late spring to help prevent summer damage. Keeping on top of any grub problems will help minimize the damage and protect your lawn from unwanted pests.

Schedule your annual lawn treatments with Green Pointe Lawn Care today and take the worry out of lawn care. We are a local Utah company, we will be close by and on hand to help with your lawn’s needs.