Adding Preventive Grub Control to your late spring lawn treatment is a good idea!

by / Saturday, 25 April 2015 / Published in Insect Problems, Lawn Care

grubwormYou and your family aren’t the only ones enjoying the warm springtime weather. Billbug grubs love the warm weather and are developing a big appetite to devour your lawn’s root system. Applying Preventive Billbug Grub Control with your late spring treatment will help insure the damage caused by the Billbug larvae later on in the season will be greatly minimized or prevented. Preventive Grub Control applied now is a good insurance policy against lawn damage later.

Lawns with Billbug damage have the appearance of lawns needing more water, because the Billbug eats away at the root of the grass, causing large brown, dead patches. Naturally, when this happens, the response is to water more. However, this just compounds the problem, as water is in no way a hindrance or control for Billbug larvae. Too much water can cause other lawn problems, too.Without any deterrent, the Billbugs are free to eat away at your lawn’s root system, become adults and produce the next generation of Billbug grubs.

This year, with our mild winter and early spring, the Billbugs are likely to have a larger population; they will be out in force, ready to cause problems. Normally, the harsh winter temperatures will help control adult Billbugs, which reduces the potential damage caused by this pest. Applying Preventive Grub Control Treatment from Green Pointe Lawn Care is a helpful solution to controlling damage caused by Billbugs. This treatment is applied with your late spring lawn treatment, before the grubs hatch, meaning that it helps solve the problem before it can start.

Schedule this beneficial service as part of your treatment program today, and make sure your lawn is protected from the damaging effects of Billbug grubs.